Norvic Philatelics

Greetings Stamps - Flowers - 21 January 2003

The flowers shown are reading down the sheet:
Column 1:
Hippeastrum rutilum
Camellia japonica
Magnolia grandiflora
Gentiana acaulis
Passiflora coerulea
Column 2:
Guzmania splendens
Fuchsia 'Princess of Wales'
Iris latifolia
Tulipa gesneriana

Columns 3 & 4 show the same stamps in a different order.

The labels mostly show the same flower as the stamp to which they are attached, but designs span two labels in five cases: in positions 1+2 in label columns 1 & 3, positions 3+4 in label column 2, and positions 4+5 in label columns 3 & 4.
sheet of 20 stamps with attached labels and decorative borders - 2 sets of 10 stamps and labels showing flowers

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