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In response to public demand, Royal Mail Smilers stamps are being made available in a reduced size to accommodate a larger label for personalisation. To advertised this new product these 1st class stamps were issued on 4 October in self-adhesive books.

Technical details:
The booklets stamps are printed in lithography by Walsall Security Print.
Stamp and Smilers Sheet images are Copyright 2005 by Royal Mail. FDC images and the images on the labels of personalised stamps are Copyright Norvic Philatelics 2005.

Personalised 'Smilers' sheets

The personalised Smilers sheets contain 20 copies of one design, and are self-adhesive. They are printed by Walsall's French subsidiary, Cartor, and are collectably quite different. Smilers stamps are not separately listed in the Stanley Gibbons catalogue, although the sheets are listed. But other catalogues and some pre-printed albums do recognise these as different stamps. As there is no generic sheet the only way to get these Cartor stamps is from Personalised Smilers. We have obtained personalised sheets for first day covers and for customers who will want these stamps for their collections.

Personalised stamps Click on the image to see the whole sheet in a new window.

Norvic Exclusive First Day Covers

Our cover for the personalised stamps is the same as for the booklet stamp, but this cover has postmark M9788. The cover is priced 15.95.
Actual stamps on actual cover with postmarks added digitally.

Norvic official first day cover for personalised greetings stamps issued 4 October 2005

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