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Rugby World Cup - stamp issue 18 September 2015

The United Kingdom will host twenty of the world's best Rugby Union Teams this autumn for the 8th Rugby World Cup Tournament.  On Friday 18th September, England will kick off the tournament when they face Fiji in the first game, with the final taking place on 31 October. 

Rugby is a huge game in the UK with England alone accounting for almost 2000 separate clubs and over 1 million regular participants. Fierce rivalry between the British home nations ensures that all international games are well attended and keenly followed.   In the tournament, matches will take place at Twickenham, the Olympic and Wembley Stadia in London, Cardiff's Millennium Stadium, Villa Park in Birmingham, Elland Road in Leeds, St James' Park in Newcastle, Kingsholm Stadium Gloucester, Sandy Park Exeter, Stadium mk in Milton Keynes, Brighton Community Stadium, Manchester City Stadium, and Leicester City Stadium.  It is quite possible that there will be special postmarks for each match, or at least each location.
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Rugby World Cup 2015 Tackle and Scrum 2nd class stamps.  Rugby World Cup 2015 Try and Conversion 1st class stamps.
Rugby World Cup 2015 £1 stamps Pass and Drop Goal. Rugby World Cup 2015 £1.52 stamps Rucka nd Line-out.
Stamp Set - in horizontal se-tenant pairs (publicity images shown above)

2nd class
- Tackle, Scrum;  1st Class – Try, Conversion.

£1.00 - Pass, Drop Goal.   £1.52 - Ruck, Line-out

The stamps are designed by hat-trick and illustrated by Geoff Appleton, the stamps are essentially monochrome, so displaying no team colours or any indication of any particular team or stadium.

According to Royal Mail: Appleton worked on canvasses of around A4 size, supplying the designers with three or four painted layers per image, which were then combined in the studio using Photoshop. The foregrounds were more detailed and contrasting; the backgrounds lighter and roughly textured, with rudimentary elements like thumbprints suggesting faces in the crowd. The unusual angles and compositions put the viewer right in the thick of the action – inside the scrum, watching a ball as it flies over the post, observing a pass being made to a player behind.

The self-adhesive Retail Stamp Book contains both 1st class stamps and 4 x 1st class Machin definitives, with the Machin having the source code 'GC' instead of [REI] GN

Rugby World Cup 2015 retail stamp booklet.  Detail from Machin definitive stamp in mixed content book.  
This is a scan of the actual book.  The booklet stamps are much more 'black and white' and less 'slate-blue'.

The self-adhesive Retail Stamp Book contains both 1st class stamps and 4 x 1st class Machin definitives, with the Machin having the source code 'GC' instead of [REI]GN.

Technical details:

The stamps are designed by hat-trick and illustrated by Geoff Appleton.   Printed by International Security Printers (Cartor) in lithography, and perforated 14½ x 14, each stamp is 41 x 30 mm, and printed they are printed in 4 sheets of 25/50.  The retail booklet is also printed by International Security Printers (Walsall) but in gravure. 

Design credits:   The illustrations reference the following photographic sources – tackle © AP/PA Images; scrum and line-out © Image Source/CORBIS; try and drop goal © Camillo Natale-Miles/Saracens RFC; conversion © Getty Images; pass © Douglas Fisher; ruck © International Rugby Board; TM © RWC Ltd 1986

Product range - we will not be stocking these products except for the Retail Stamp Book stamps and on FDC.

Set of 8 stamps         Presentation Pack     First Day Cover     Set of 8 Stamp Cards    Retail Book   

Special Postmarks available on the day of this issue will be shown here. 

These postmarks cannot be obtained after the date of issue.  These images are not be to scale.

Postmark in the style of rugby goalposts.
Postmark with text as below 2015. Rugby non-pictorial first day postmark.
  Two postmarks, showing rugby player and ball, for Rugby WorldCup.  
Ref FD1523TH
Official Tallents House Bureau postmark
Ref FD1523PL
Rugby official first day of issue postmark:
Ref FD1523NP
Rugby non-pictorial official first day of issue postmark
Ref M13572
The Birthplace of Rugby
Rugby, Warwickshire
Ref M13573
Rugby World Cup
Three Rugby World Cup postmarks - scrum, player and ball/trophy.
Rugby World Cup Twickenham, postmark.
Stampex first day of issue postmark for Rugby World Cup 2015.
Ref L13566
Twickenham 2015
Ref L13567
Rugby World Cup
Ref L13568
Rugby World Cup
Ref L13565
Rugby World Cup
Ref L13584
Autumn Stampex
Rugby World Cup 2015
First Day of Issue
London N1
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