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Beatrix Potter -  28 July 2016

Royal Mail marks the 150th Anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter with a 10-stamp issue to celebrate the timeless characters she created, which are loved worldwide. Beatrix Potter (1866-1943) devised some of the best loved characters of children’s books of all time. With 250m sales she is one of the most published authors of all time.  Her first book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, at 45m sales is among the biggest selling children’s book of all time. She remains among the world’s best-selling children’s authors.

Pair fo 1st class Beatrix Potter stamps.
Beatrix Potter - 4 new British stamps.
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  2x 1st class:
Peter Rabbit, Mrs Tiggy-Winkle

2 x £1.33:
Squirrel Nutkin, Jemima Puddle-Duck

  2x £1.52:
Tom Kitten, Benjamin Bunny
Beatrix Potter miniature stamp sheet.

Miniature Sheet

The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

1st class x 2

£1.33 x 2

Beatrix Potter retail stamp book.

Self-adhesive booklet containing
4 x 1st class amethyst purple Machin definitives, and the 2 x 1st class Beatrix Potter stamps, all self-adhesive.

The Machin deifnitives should have year code O16R and source code [REI]GC.
  Beatrix Potter PSB pane 1. Beatirx Potter PSB pane 2.
Beatrix Potter PSB pane 3. Betarix Potter PSB pane 4.
Beatrix Potter PSB Cover.

Prestige Stamp Book

Pane 1:
Stamps as per miniature sheet, in the same order but with a different background.

Panes 2 & 3:
each containing one stamp of each value from the set of 6

Pane 4:  Machin definitives surrounding a label with a portrait of Beatrix Potter.  Values:
3 @ 10p, 2 @ 5p, 3 @ £1.05.

We expect the iridescent codes to be M16L and MPIL.  The stamps are on ordinary gummed paper.

Background to the issue.

Beatrix Potter  published 28 books in her lifetime, of which 23 are ‘tales’, which she illustrated. As well as being a highly skilled natural history illustrator and expert in animal husbandry and fungi, she illustrated her tales, often basing them on real animals and pets she had. She was also important in the early years of the National Trust.

In the 1890s she began to write illustrated letters to the children of her former governess. Peter Rabbit was born in a letter she wrote in September 1893 to Noel Moore and seven years later she asked to borrow the letter back, and copied the illustrations to produce a rough version of what was to become The Tale of Peter Rabbit.  In 1901, after the idea was rejected by six publishers, Beatrix published her own edition of the story. Having seen a copy, Frederick Warne then decided to publish Peter Rabbit, and within a year had six editions had been produced to meet demand. Today the Beatrix Potter brand is valued at $500m annually, New stories have been commissioned and there is a National Trust gallery of her art in the Lake District, as well as a World of Beatrix Potter Visitor attraction.

Worldwide, the characters of the Tales are hugely popular. 10% of visitors to the World of Beatrix Potter are from Japan, and the first foreign language translation of her books was into Japanese (1906). Peter Rabbit especially remains a much loved character in Japan, with Europe, the USA and Australia major markets for the books and merchandise.

Technical details and acknowledgements:

The set of 6 stamps are designed by Charlie Smith Design.   The miniature sheet is designed by Magpie Studio.  Stamps and MS are printed in lithography by International Security Printers, the stamps 35 x 37 mm, se-tenant in sheets of 30/50, and the miniature sheet 115 x 89 mm, the stamps being 35 mm square.

The prestige stamp book is also produced by ISP (Cartor) in lithography.

Premium Products:  The set of stamps and miniature sheet in a frame (33 x 23 cm) will be available at £29.99
A special limited edition (of 1866) prestige stamp book will be available at £59.99

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Product range - we will be stocking the definitive stamps from the PSB and the retail booklet.

Set of 6 stamps    Miniature Sheet    2 First Day Covers    Presentation Pack    Set of 11 Stamp Cards
Prestige Stamp Book    Definitive Pane FDC    Retail Booklet 6 x 1st    Coin Cover, and premium products.

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