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New Machin definitive & Country stamps - 21 March 2017

Royal Mail announced its annual stamp price rises in late February and they take effect from 27 March 2017.  

Inland rates will be (previous rates in [brackets] ) - 1st class 65p [64], 2nd class 56p [55], 1st Large 98p [96], 2nd Large 76p [75].

The inland 'Royal Mail Signed For' fee remains £1.10 on letters but is reduced to £1 on parcels.   Special Delivery rates are unchanged.

The Europe 20g and Worldwide 10g rate of £1.05 rises to £1.17 (an increase of 11.5%) which requires four country definitive stamps, as well as a new Machin.

The Worldwide 20g rate rises from £1.33 to £1.40 which means a new stamp.

The Europe 100g rate of £1.52 rises to £1.57 (new stamp)

The World 100g rate of £2.25 rises to £2.27 (new stamp).

The Surface mail (rebranded last year as International Economy) 20g rate rising from 90p to £1.02 (no new stamp).

The Large Letter 100g rate for Europe rises from £2.45 to £2.55 so another new stamp.
The Large Letter rates for World Zone 1 and Zone 2 remain unchanged.

Pre-issue images of the new stamps for 2017

  Five new Machin definitive stamps for new postage rates.
Airmail: Europe Letter 20g - Worldwide Letter 20g - Europe Letter 100g - Worldwide Letter 100g - Europe Large Letter 100g
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Official colours of the new stamps:

£1.17 Sunset red

£1.40 Dark Green Pine

£1.57 Tarragon Green

£2.27 Harvest Gold

£2.55 - Garnet Red
England £1.16 and £1.40 stamps.Northern Ireland £1.17 and £1.40 stamps.
Scotland £1.17 and £1.40 stamps.Wales £1.17 and £1.40 stamps.
Pre-issue publicity images of the new £1.17 and £1.40 Country Definitives.

The typeface used for the values on these pictures is the same as on the Machin definitives.  This may happen, but the current designs are:

England £1-10.
N Irelnd £1-05.
Scotland £1-10
Wales £1-10.

Technical information

The Machin definitive stamps are self-adhesive, printed by De La Rue in gravure. (Details of sheet size and cylinder set-up have not been provided.) They will have security cuts and the irridescent overprint, which should have year code M17L. We're told that these will be issued in sheets of 50, which would imply gutters, although all stamps other than the 1st/2nd/Large NVIs are usually in sheets of 25.

The Country definitives will be litho printed on ordinary gummed paper by International Security Printers in sheets of 25.  They will have no security features. See note above about typeface for the denomination.

Special postmarks available on the day of issue are in the Postmark Bulletin, available on Royal Mail's website.

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