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Ladybird Books - stamp issue 14 September 2017

Aside from cashing once again on the collector's nostalgia, I can find no reason for this stamp issue, but letter-writers will be pleased by the inclusion of 2nd class stamps in the set.  Postcrossing and other postcard senders will be disappointed once again by the omission of a £1.17 stamp, but if they don't write too much they can use a pair of 2nd class stamps and a 5p definitive!    As usual the information here is as provided by Royal Mail as both the 'Reason and Inspiration', and the detail.

"Ladybird Books have had a vast influence on successive generations of British children. In the 1940s the company Wills and Hepworth hit upon the formula that brought huge commercial success. With paper rationing in force, the business designed a book format where an entire 56-page book could be produced from a single sheet. The size for this was 7 inches by 4 5/8 inches and the classic format was born with the first title published in 1940.

"Targeting parents and schools, the business gradually moved to being exclusively a children’s publisher.  Reading Ladybird Books became a rite of passage for children from the 1950s onwards, and Ladybird’s decision to employ leading commercial artists led to a realism in the books that was originally unique to the business .The work of these artists has become synonymous with many of the series, and fans of the series collecting books illustrated by them, such as Robert Lumley for the Well-loved Tales series and John Kenney for Adventures from History.  The text and language used carefully considered and the books presented a modern reflection of society.  Whether fact or fiction, the books were seen as trustworthy, attractive and inexpensive."
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Ladybird books stamps 2nd class. Ladybird books 1st class stamps.
Ladybird books £1-40 stamps pair. Ladybird books stamps £1-57 pair. 
Stamp Set - in horizontal se-tenant pairs

2nd class
- Adventures from history; Well-loved tales.  1st Class – Key words reading scheme; Early tales and rhymes.

£1.40 - Hobbies and How it Works; People at Work.   £1.57 - Nature and Conservation; Achievements.

Stamps in detail

2nd Class Adventures from history - Nelson, Queen Elizabeth I, Florence Nightingale.

2nd Class Well-loved tales - The Gingerbread Boy, Cinderella, The Elves and the Shoemaker.

1st Class Key words reading scheme - Look at this, We have fun, Things We do.

1st Class Early tales and rhymes - Smoke and Fluff, Tootles the Taxi, Piggly Plays Truant.

£1.05  Hobbies and How it Works - Things to Make, Tricks and Magic, The Telephone.

£1.05 People at Work - The Postman, The Fireman, The Nurse.

£1.33 Nature and Conservation - British Wild Flowers, Wild Life in Britain, Garden Flowers.

£1.33 Achievements - Ships, the Motor Car, Metals.

Technical details:

The stamps are designed by True North, and printed by International Security Printers in lithography on gummed paper.  The stamps are 41 x 30 mm, and printed in 4 sheets of se-tenant pairs, 60 per sheet. 

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