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This page updated 26 August 2015

The postmarks shown below are in use only on the dates shown. 

US readers in particular should note that Royal Mail normally require that covers to be postmarked are posted to the handstamp centres no later than the day of the postmark except where announcements are late, these will be shown here in red.   Collectors outside the UK are allowed 28 days especially in the case of stamps from new issues being used.
(Whereas the USPS allows collectors 30 days (at least) to obtain copies of cancels, Royal Mail normally allows later application only when their publicity is late.)

The purpose of this page is to list mainly thematic short-term postmarks which are usually not relevant to new stamp issues. Longer term or permanent postmarks, many of which show landmarks in towns and cities throughout the United Kingdom can be found on this page. For other postmarks, related to the new stamp issues, please see the relevant stamp pages via the H_O_M_E page or the links at the head of the table. Some postmarks will be listed both here and on the stamp pages.

NOTE BRITISH FORCES: Return postage MUST be included. For details of new arrangements for obtaining British Forces Special Postmarks see our updated blog entry.

A subscription to the Royal Mail Postmark Bulletin is a bargain for postmark collectors at only 12.25 p.a. in the UK.  Buy your subscription here on Royal Mail's website.


If you would like examples of these postmarks and have stamped envelopes, please do not send them to us!
We cannot forward covers to Royal Mail for postmarking unless our postage is paid.
If you do not have the addresses of the Royal Mail Special Handstamp Centres please ask us or Royal Mail.

One-day and short-term postmarks - in use for less than one week.    Note these postmarks are scanned at different times and are NOT to scale

See also New stamps pages:  Long To Reign Over Us 9 September 2015;  Sea Travel Post and Go 16 September 2015; Rugby World Cup 18 September 2015.

Autumn Stampex postmark.

Postmark showing railway train.
Postmark showing three Battle of Britain fighters.

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Ref L13580 - 16 September
Ref L13582 - 17 September
Ref L13583 - 18 September
Ref L13585- 19 September
available from London
Handstamp Centre on these dates
Ref S13553
Rail returns to the Scottish Borders
In use 6 September 2015 only
available from Scotland & NI
Handstamp Centre, Tallents House
Ref L13560 
Biggin Hill, Westerham
75 Years
In use 15 September 2015 only
available from London Handstamp Centre

Postmark showing Battle of Britain 75 years logo.
Postmark showing fighterplane 'dog-fight'.

Postmark showing a horse.
Postmark showing German Shepherd Dog.

Ref F13576 - Battle of Britain 75
BFPS 3185
In use 15 September 2015 only, available from British Forces Postal Service - see blue panel
above for link and special conditions

Ref L13559 The Battle of Britain,
Bentley Priory, Stanmore
In use 15 September 2015 only
available from London Handstamp Centre
Ref W13575 Animals of the First World War, Telford
In use 17 September 2015 only, available from Cardiff Special Handstamp Centre
Ref L13564 Animals of the First World War, London W1
In use 17 September 2015 only, available from London Special Handstamp Centre
Postmark showing cliff railway.
<<<< Ref L13569
The Leas Lift, Folkestone, 130 Years
In use 21 September 2015 only
available from London Handstamp Centre
Postmark with text as shown.
<<<< Ref L13570
London Irish Rifles,
Camberwell, London
In use 25 September 2015 only
available from London Handstamp Centre

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Victoria Cross Commemorative postmarks
- We understand that there will be over 400 of these in the period 2014-2018.
  Victoria Cross postmark. 

Postmarks in this style are being used on commemorative covers on the anniversary of the date that the Victoria Cross was awarded to a person who came from the location shown on the postmark.  Some will be of particular interest to collectors of local postal history or memorabilia, and we suggest that it would be best to subscribe to Royal Mail's Postmark Bulletin to be kept informed. 

A subscription to the Bulletin currently costs 12.25 for the UK and Europe and 24.95 for the rest of the world.  The Bulletin is produced every two weeks.  Visit Royal Mail's website.

No more details will be listed here.  Collectors interested in these should subscribe to the Postmark Bulletin.

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