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This page updated 23 March 2016

US readers in particular should note that Royal Mail normally require that covers to be postmarked are posted to the handstamp centres no later than the day of the postmark except where announcements are late, these will be shown here in red.   Collectors outside the UK are allowed 28 days especially in the case of stamps from new issues being used.

The purpose of this page is to list mainly thematic short-term postmarks which are usually not relevant to new stamp issues. Longer term or permanent postmarks, many of which show landmarks in towns and cities throughout the United Kingdom can be found on this page. For other postmarks, related to the new stamp issues, please see the relevant stamp pages via the H_O_M_E page or the links at the head of the table. Some postmarks will be listed both here and on the stamp pages. 

With immediate effect Royal Mail have made their Postmark Bulletin available as a free pdf download.

Published every 2 weeks, the Bulletin can be found at The Bulletin is also available in printed form on free subscription  

NOTE BRITISH FORCES: Return postage MUST be included. For details of new arrangements for obtaining British Forces Special Postmarks see our updated blog entry.
Experience shows that the British Forces postmarks are not suitable for Maximum Cards due to the type of handstamp and type of ink used.

We no longer guarantee to show all new postmarks, but will provide a list.

One-day and short-term postmarks - in use for less than one week.    Note these postmarks are scanned at different times and are NOT to scale

See also New stamps pages:   William Shakespeare 5 April 2016, 90th Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 21 April 2016

Other new thematic postmarks, which are illustrated in the Postmark Bulletin (see above). 
SHC indicates which of Royal Mail's Special Handstamp Centres is handling the postmark, and 'Bulletin' indicates which edition the illustration appears in.  Addresses of the SHCs are listed in the Bulletin.

Ref Number Date Description SHC Bulletin
13771 22 March 50 Years of Machin stamps, showing Windsor Castle London 18 March
13770 31 March 175 Years of Glasgow, Paisley & Greenock Railway (text only) Scotland 4 March
13782 15 April Assoc of Scottish Philatelic Societies 87th Congress Perth (Lions & Thistles) Scotland 18 March

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This page updated 23 March 2016

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