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New Machin definitive & Country stamps - 24 March 2015

Royal Mail announced its annual stamp price rises in late February and they take effect from 30 March 2015.  

Inland rates will be (previous rates in [brackets] ) - 1st class 63p [62], 2nd class 54p [53], 1st Large 95p [93], 2nd Large 74p [73].

The inland 'Royal Mail Signed For' fee remains £1.10.

Airmail rates under 100g are reduced to 2 steps from 3, eliminating the 60g step.     

The Europe 20g and Worldwide 10g rate of 97p rises to £1 (a 3% increase) meaning four country definitive stamps, but no new Machin definitive stamp.

The Worldwide 20g rate rises from £1.28 to £1.33 which means a 4% increase (new stamp).

The current Europe 60g rate £1.47 and 100g rate of £2.35 are replaced by a 100g rate of £1.52 (new stamp)

The World 60g rate of £2.15 and 100g rate of £3.48 are replaced by £2.25 (new stamp).

The Surface mail (rebranded last year as International Economy) 20g rate rising from 81p to 85p (no new stamp).

Pricing in Proportion has been extended to International Mail (as predicted several years ago), with new Large Letter 100g rates of £2.25 for Europe, £3.15 for World Zone 1, and £3.30 for World Zone 2, all of which will be served by new stamps.  The £3.30 stamp will also serve for the Inland 1kg 1st class Small Parcel stamp.

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Pre-issue images of the new stamps for 2015

  Three new Machin definitive stamps for new postage rates.

Three more new Machin Definitive stamps for new postage rates.   
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Official colours of the new stamps:

£1.33 Amber yellow
£1.52 Orchid Mauve
£2.25 Plum purple
£2.45 Spruce green
£3.15 Aqua green
£3.30 Rose pink

England and Scotland £1 and £1-33 stamps for new postage rates. Northern Ireland and Wales £1 and £1-33 stamps for new postage rates.     

Pre-issue publicity images of the new £1 and £1.33 Country Definitives.

We've doctored the England £1 stamp to show it in approximately the same colour as previous stamps in this design.

My apologies for the quality of these pictures.  They are actually larger than those provided by Royal Mail, which accounts for the loss of quality.  Also I can't be sure of the colours; while most of the Country Definitives are correct, some of the Machins seem to close to each other.

Technical information

The Machin definitive stamps are self-adhesive, printed by De La Rue in gravure in sheets of 25, with 12 sheets of 25 per cylinder. They will have security cuts and the irridescent overprint. 

The Country definitives will be litho printed on ordinary gummed paper by Cartor Security Print also in sheets of 25.  They will have no security features.

Special postmarks available on the day of issue will be shown here.

Tallents House first day postmark for new definitives.Windsor first day postmark for new definitives.London first day postmark for new definitives.London first day postmark for new definitives.
Edinburgh first day postmark for new definitives. Cardiff first day postmark for new definitives.Belfast first day postmark for new definitives.
Windsor first day postmark for new definitives. Edinburgh first day postmark for new definitives. Cardiff first day postmark for new definitives. Belfast first day postmark for new definitives.
Ref FD1508TH - official pictorial FDI Tallents House postmark

Ref FD1508PL - official pictorial FDI Windsor postmark

Ref FD1509NP - official pictorial FDI London postmark

Ref FD1509PL - official pictorial FDI London postmark

Ref FD1510PL- official pictorial FDI Edinburgh postmark

Ref FD1511PL - official pictorial FDI Cardiff postmark

Ref FD1512PL - official pictorial FDI Belfast postmark

Co-located non-pictorial postmarks for all except Tallents House, same reference numbers with suffix 'NP'
Belfast cds postmark. Cardiff cds postmark. Edinburgh cds postmark. Glasgow 2 cds postmark. Glasgow 10 cds postmark. Postmark showing national emblems.
Ref S6039 - Belfast operational cds postmark Ref W6038 - Cardiff operational cds postmark Ref S6040 - Edinburgh operational cds postmark Ref S6041 - Glasgow 2
operational cds postmark
Ref S6042 - Glasgow 10
operational cds postmark
Ref M13374
Union Street Birmingham
Cardiff postmark. Edinburgh postmark. Belfast permanent postmark. Windsor Castle postmark. Additionally, any postmarks available on this date may also be applied to FDCs
- see Permanent postmarks and Other one-day postmarks
Birmingham postmark showing Windsor castle.
Ref W5097 - Cardiff permanent handstamp. Ref S4653 - Edinburgh permanent handstamp. Ref S4641 - Belfast permanent handstamp. Ref E4680 - Windsor Castle, Royal Mail permanent handstamp Ref M13375
Windsor View, Birmingham

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