Belarus stamps issued in 1992 showing flag, map and arms.

map 1k Belarus - a land of 10 million people in 206,000 square miles. post 4k

On the break up of the USSR, Belarus declared independence in September 1991. The first stamps were issued in 1992 (see above). These stamps, both 5 roubles issued 31.8.92, show the State Arms, and the National Flag superimposed on a map of the country.

Before Belarus had its own issues, stamps and pre-stamped stationery of the USSR continued in use. Increases in rates were shown on the envelopes by means of locally applied surcharges. Some were handstamps, others applied by machine. Probably some were adapted franking (meter) machines, and some adapted postmarks. At present I have no evidence of where the surcharges originated, other than by the reference to the postmark: some were probably done at a central office. (As stamps of Lithuania have been seen used in Moldova at this time, it is not possible to be sure about anything!)
Note that all dates here are in UK notation (DDMMYY).
For all these images I can supply copies of the whole cover on request.

Internal Mail.

The basic inland letter rate increased from 7 to 15 kopecks probably in 1992. Illustration 1 is a simple handstamp from Ivanovo; 2 is a USSR-style surcharge from Gomel (May 92). 3 & 4, inscribed 'Belarus' are from Minsk (August & July 92) differing in size of letters and figure of value '8' (kapeckii).
1. Rectangular Postal mark uprating by 8kop. 2. Postal mark of USSR uprating by 8kop. 3. Postal mark of Belarus uprating by 8kap. 4. Belarus postal mark uprating by 8kap.

The postage rate was increased during 1992 to 40 kopecks, leading to 33 kop surcharges. Note that 6, used in Krugovets-Kalinino, Gomel Oblast (in March 93 with further surcharge), has the centre (value) panel split, with the lower part dropped so that the K of kop is level with the bottom of the 'A'. The 'complete' surcharge 5 is postmarked Koroby Vitebsk 1.7.92. In 1991 at least two 40 kopeck pre-stamped envelopes were issued - I do not know the date of issue, nor how many designs there were. Any more information on this would be very welcome.
5. USSR-type postal marking uprated by 33 kop. 6. USSR-type postal marking uprating by 33k, split. 7. Belarus pre-stamped impression 40k.

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