Later in 1992 there was a further increase to 1 rouble, bringing further surcharges, in a variety of styles. Some of those shown here may have their origins in Russia: again precise origins have not yet been verified. The Soviet style 8 was one of many used at Minsk (4.12.92). No. 9 with POCHTA in both Russian and Belarussian, is another from Gomel (10.9.92), and 10 was also used in Minsk (24.11.92). The black 95 kop surcharge 11 was used in Valkovyskiy, Grodno Oblast 18.12.92, and the unusual red 95k surcharge 12 was also used in Grodno (21.10.92).
8.USSR-type 93 kopeck surcharge. 9.Belarusan bilingual 93kap surcharge. 10.Belarus postal marking 93kap surcharge. 11.Belarus postal marking 95kop in black. 12.Belarus postal surcharge 95k in red.

The 40k PSE was uprated in Gomel (20.11.92) by a 60k surcharge 13, in which the '6' appears to be either an adapted '8' or Cyrillic script 'b'. The two violet handstamps 14 appear to indicate an uprating from 7k to 15k, and then by a further 85k to 1 rouble. This was used at Baranavichy (17.10.92). Last in this section are images of the 1 rouble PSE in red and blue.
13.Belarus postal surcharge 60k in black. 14.Belarus 85k and 8k rectangular violet surcharges on 7k pre-stamped envelope. Stamp from Belarus 1r red pre-stamped envelope. Stamp from Belarus 1r blue pre-stamped envelope.

Straight line surcharges, mostly handstruck with numbering machines
Belarus straight-line numeral surcharge 093. Belarus straight line 93 surcharge in violet. Belarus straight line 093 in black surcharge. Belarus 93/ straight line surcharge in black. Belarus straight line 93K surcharge in violet- black. Belarus straight line 0/93 surcharge in black. Belarus straight line 93 surcharge.
Lyakovichi Rus

The rate was increased to 2 roubles (in early 1993?) but I have not seen a 2r stamped envelope. Surcharges were applied as before, sometimes in addition to earlier surcharges for the increase to 1 rouble.
At this time, the surcharges increasingly replace the value of the postage, rather than increase them, probably because USSR stamps were no longer valid. Thus we find, on a 7 kopeck cover, an overprint for 2 roubles, rather than a surcharge of 1.93. I have one instance of a 1 rouble surcharge on a 7k cover, used at Gorki in October 1992. The USSR type 15 was used at Zhodzina (4.3.93); the separate 95k and 1r surcharges 16 were used at Novogrudok (25.1.93) with a 2r stamp for registration. The 1 rouble overprints start with one 17 100 kop used at Mogilev (24.1.93). The first appearance of the 'Belarus' vertical octagon 18 was used 16.3.93 at Polotsk. No 19 was used at Minsk, the earliest use I have is 30.11.92
15.Belarus octagonal 193 USSR-type surcharge. 16.Belarus 1r & 95k surcharges in black. 17.Belarus USSR-type 100kop surcharge. 18.Belarus 002r vertical surcharge in black. 19.Belarus horizontal 2 rub surcharge in black.

To close this section on Internal Mails, three assorted items. First, the impression on 50k picture postcards from 1992. I have seen 10 different pictures showing scenes from Grodna. The next example is an unstamped postcard (ie not from the Post Ministry) with a straight-line 1 00 similar to the 93k surcharges. The final item is a locally produced 'stamp', apparently commercially used in Grodna (23.12.92). A number of dubious 'stamps' similar to this have appeared on the philatelic market, and their status is unclear. This appears to be handstamped on a roll of brown paper parcel tape. The ink used in this case is reddish-brown, as is the postmark. Both may be a mixture of black and red ink.   Finally, four values from the long definitive series which started in 1992.
Belarus 50k stamp from pre-stamped postcard.   Belarus surcharge straight line 100.   Bealrus, Grodna octagonal stamp on brown paper tape.   Belarus early definitive postage stamps.
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