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"Fun Fruit 'n' Veg" Smilers Sheet - 7 March 2006

Royal Mail have announced the issue of a Smilers Sheet consisting of 20 x 1st class stamps, being 2 sets of the 10 customisable "Fun Fruit 'n' Veg" stamps originally issued in 2003. The original stamps can be seen here.

Fruit & Vegetables self-adhesive stamps in a Smilers Sheet

Hats, eyes, noses, etc are printed in the sheet border; these may be peeled off and to make characters on the stamps, in the style of Mr Potato Head.

Technical details:
Designed by Johnson Banks, the sheet will be printed in litho by De La Rue Security Print, so this produces new stamps as the originals were printed by Walsall SP in gravure. All images are Copyright 2005/6 by Royal Mail.

Postmarks for use on the day of issue.
This is not regarded by Royal Mail as a new issue, so no official First Day postmarks are provided. The following postmarks - and all permanent postmarks can be used.

postmark depicting smiling face. postmark showing a cartoon face. postmark showing a monument or fountain in Saffrom Walden, Essex. postmark showing Winchester Butter Cross. postmark showing a monument in Wells, Somerset.
Ref L9976
Fun Fruit 'N' Vegetables, Covent Garden, London WC2
Ref L9975
Fun Fruit & Vag, Potato Town, Great Tew, Chipping Norton
Ref L9977
Saffron Walden, Essex (Fountain?)
Ref L9978
Winchester, Hampshire The Buttercross
Ref W9989
Wells, Somerset Monument

Norvic Exclusive First Day Covers

We have an exclusive set of covers for this sheet produced in conjunction with Philatastic Studio in Austin, Texas, priced at 17.95 for the set of 4.

Norvic set of 4 first day covers for Fun Fruit & Veg Smilers stamp sheet

Norvic set of 4 first day covers for Fun Fruit & Veg Smilers stamp sheet

We also have an different cover for single stamps, and (in pairs) sets of 10 stamps removed from the sheet.
Prices: Single stamp on fdc - 3.50;
pair of covers with 5 stamps each - 9.50

"Smilers!", said the twins "You're supposed to be SMILING boss!" Chief Mango looked startled, as if smiling was something he rarely did.

There will be no Royal Mail FDCs for these stamps.

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