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Robert Burns 250th Anniversary - miniature sheet - 22 January 2009

Robert Burns, one of the world's greatest poets, and Scotland's national bard, was born 250 years ago into a farming family at Alloway in Ayrshire in 1759.

Stamp Miniature sheet issued to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Birth of Robert Burns, Scottish poet.

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The brilliance Burns displayed as a child did not reach a wider public until 1786, when at the age of 27, "Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect" was published. Considered to be one of the greatest poetical collections ever written, it gained appeal not solely with Edinburgh society, but also with those from the same tough background as himself.

Despite his early death aged 37, Burns had already secured a place in history and to celebrate the 250th anniversary of his birth, Royal Mail is issuing two new Special Stamps in a Miniature Sheet to coincide with the annual Burn's Night celebrations that mark his genius, held not just in Scotland, but globally from South Africa to Canada.

The miniature sheet contains the four Scotland country definitives in a se-tenant block, and two new 1st class stamps. The stamp on the left features the title of the poem A Man's a Man for a' that with a detail from a copper plate engraving from a painting by James Sargent Storer Robert Burns turning up a mouse in her nest with his plough, while the stamp on the right is the famous portrait of the poet by Alexander Nasmyth. The background shows an engraving of Burns' birthplace in Alloway by James Sargent Storer.

Royal Mail first day cover for Robert Burns 250th Anniversary miniature sheet.Technical details:
All 6 stamps and the sheet are designed by Scottish design company, Taburn. The sheet is printed by Joh. Enschede Stamps in gravure. Dimensions: the definitives are 20 x 24mm, the new Burns stamps 35 x 35mm, and the sheet 146mm x 74mm.
Although the 50p stamp is shown as blue, I think this is just a poor image, and it will be the normal colour.

All stamp and postmark images are copyright 2008/09, Royal Mail.

Products for this issue
Miniature sheet
Presentation Pack
First day cover
Stamp cards - set of 3 for the two Burns stamps and the MS 
Press sheet of 21 miniature sheets 

Special Postmarks available on the day of this issue are shown here.
These images may not be to scale..
Official Tallents House first day postmark (haggis) for Robert Burns stamp issue. Official Alloway first day postmark for Robert Burns stamp issue. Official Alloway non-pictorial first day postmark for Robert Burns stamp issue. Kilmarnock postmark showing portrait. Redditch postmark showing portrait.
Ref FD903 - Official Tallents House postmark Ref FD904
O My luve is like a red, red rose, Alloway
Ref FD904N
Alloway, Ayr FD postmark
Ref S11222 Robert Burns 250th Anniversary, World Federation Limited, Kilmarnock Ref M11219
Robert Burns, Burns Close, Redditch
Postmark showing portrait of Robert Burns. Postmark showing profile of Robert Burns. postmark showing thistle. postmark showing quill pen. postmark showing quill pens.
Ref S11224
250th Anniv of the birth of Robert Burns, Alloway, Ayr.
Ref S11225
The Birth of Robert Burns, Dumfries Scotland
Ref S11223
250th Anniv of the birth of Robert Burns, Edinburgh
Ref S11226
The Birth of Robert Burns, Alloway, Scotland
Ref S11231
Robert Burns 250th Anniversary, Alloway, Ayr
Postmark showing a mouse. Postmark with text as shown below. Postmark showing portrait of Robert Burns. Postmark showing Robert Burns and Alloway Birthplace. Postmark showing crossed swords.
Ref S11227
Robert Burns, Alloway, Ayr.
Ref S11225
The Royal Bank of Scotland Philatelic Society, Should Auld Aquaintance Be Forgot, Robert Burns, Alloway, Ayr.
Ref S11230
Robert Burns, Alloway, Ayr
Ref S11233
The Birth of Robert Burns, Alloway, Scotland
Ref F11239
320th Ann of the Battle of Killiecrankie

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