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Royal Air Force Uniforms - 18 September 2008

The second set of military uniforms also marks the 90th anniversary of the creation of the Royal Air Force which is being widely commemorated in 2008.

The stamps, in se-tenant strips of 3, feature in reverse chronological order:
1st class Drum Major RAF Central Band 2007, Helicopter Rescue Winchman 1984, and a Hawker Hunter Pilot 1951;
81p Lancaster (bomber) air gunner 1944, Plotter WAAF 1940, and a pilot from 1918.

3 x 1st class British stamps showing RAF Uniforms, issued 18 September 2008.
3 x 81p British stamps showing RAF Uniforms, issued 18 September 

The stamps in detail

1st Class - Drum Major RAF Central Band 2007
Pomp and ceremony, and the dress that goes with them, still have great value in projecting the public image of the RAF.

1st Class - Helicopter Rescue Winchman 1984
High visibility and protection against exposure to ice cold water are incorporated in the Immersion Suit used by Rescue Helicopter Winchmen.

1st Class - Hawker Hunter Pilot 1951
The coming of the Jet Age meant that flying clothing laid greater emphasis on physical and physiological protection than providing warmth.

81p - Rest of World airmail up to 20gm - Lancaster Air Gunner 1944
The electrically-heated Taylor Buoyancy Suit was special provided for Air Gunners isolated in their gun turrets in the rear of the fuselage of bomber aircraft.

81p - Rest of World airmail up to 20gm - Plotter WAAF 1940
Smart, comfortable and serviceable, Airwomen's No.1 Dress remained unchanged in design until 1955.

81p - Rest of World airmail up to 20gm - Pilot 1918
Developed from motoring garments, WWI flying clothing had to provide warmth and protection from the intense cold at altitude.

Prestige Stamp Book: Pilot to Plane - RAF Uniforms

The book contains four panes:
Pane 1: 3 x 81p Uniforms stamps against a background of a technical illustration of the Avro Lancaster;
Pane 2: 3 x 1st class Uniforms stamps against a background of a technical illustration of the Hawker Hunter;
Pane 3: 2 x Air Displays 1st Class stamps featuring the Red Arrows and 2 x the 20p Spitfire stamps from the 1997 Architects of the Air issue.against a background of a technical illustration of the Supermarine Spitfire;
Pane 4: 4 x 1st class and 4 x 2nd class Machin definitives surrounding a label with the badge of the RAF, against a background of a flight map of RAF Brize Norton.

RAF prestige stamp book pane 1 with 81p Uniforms stamps.RAF prestige stamp book pane 2 with 1st class Uniforms stamps.
RAF prestige stamp book pane 3 Red Arrows 1st class, and 
Spitfire 20p stamps. RAF prestige stamp book pane 4 4 x 1st class and 4 x 2nd class Machin 
definitives surrounding a label with the badge of the RAF.

 Technical details:
The 27 x 37mm stamps are designed by Atelier Works and printed in lithography by Walsall Security Printers, perf 14.
In the prestige stamp book the narrative pages are printed by Cartor and the stamp pages by Walsall in litho. This does not mean (as previously mentioned here) that the 2nd class is printed in litho for the first time since 1989. This one does have the phosphor band 4.5mm wide instead of 4mm previously. However it is the first time Walsall have printed the 1st class gold in litho (the litho stamp from the James Bond PSB was printed by De La Rue).
All images except Norvic FDCs are copyright Royal Mail 2008

Products issued

Set of 6 stamps mint
Presentation Pack 
Set of 6 stamp cards mint 
Set of 6 on Royal Mail FDC

Special first day of issue postmarks are shown here. These cannot be obtained after 18 September unless on FDCs that we have in stock.  Not to scale.

official 18 September 2008 postmark showing Royal Air Force badge. official 18 September 2008 Hendon postmark with RAF motto 'Per 
	Ardua Ad Astra'. official 18 September 2008 non-pictorial Hendon postmark. Postmark showing logo of Helicopter Museum. Official Stampex First Day of Issue Postmark showing RAF Wings.
Ref FD821
Philatelic Bureau Official First Day postmark (RAF Badge).
Ref FD822
Official Hendon, London NW9 First Day postmark with RAF motto Per Ardua Ad Astra "Through Adversity to the Stars".
Ref FD822N
Hendon NW9 non-pictorial FD postmark
Ref W11096
The Helicopter Museum, Weston Super Mare
Ref L11081
Autumn Stampex, First Day of Issue, RAF Uniforms
postmark showing logo of Yorkshire Air Museum. Postmark showing aircraft. Postmark showing portrait of Guy Gibson. Postmark showing cartoon pilot. Postmark showing biplane.
Ref N11095
Yorkshire Air Museum, Allied Air Forces Memorial
Ref N11094
RAF Uniforms, Woodvale, Formby (GBFDC Association)
Ref M11092
Gibson Road, Birmingham (Wing Cdr Guy Gibson VC, DSO, DFC)
Ref L11087
Biggin Hill
Ref L11114
RAF 1918-2008
Bletchley Park Post Office
(late announcement)
Postmark showing pilot. Postmark showing airman. Postmark showing pilot. Postmark showing officer. Postmark showing aircraft, probably the Fairey Delta 2.
Ref L11084
Northolt, Ruislip, Middlesex.
Ref L11085
Brize Norton, Oxfordshire
Ref L11086
Biggin Hill, Kent
Ref M11091
Cranwell, Sleaford, Lincs
Ref L11083
Peter Twiss, first to fly at over 1000 mph, Shoreham, Sussex

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This page updated 10 October 2008

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