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Retail Stamp Booklets 2011

We expect that there will be several retail booklets this year, and as before we will show them here. Those issued in conjunction with other stamp issues will be linked to the appropriate page - see below.  The Machin definitives will have security features.  The security code for 2011 is M11L, at least on the first book!   Note: some Machin definitive booklets will be issued without prior warning and with no scheduled availability date. 

Schedule of issues:

Booklet 1: 11 January 2011 - FAB The Genius of Gerry Anderson

Booklet 2: 24 February 2011 - British Heart Foundation. Same issue date as Stage Musicals.

Booklets 3/4 - 22 March 2011 - Retail booklets 4 x 1st Large, 4 x 2nd Large, no printer's imprint.  Same issue date as WWF issue.

Booklet 5 - 14 June 2011 - Thomas the Tank Engine

Booklet 6 - 27 July 2011 - Olympics/Paralympics Booklet 5

Booklet 7 - 23 August 2011 - Great British Locomotives.  Same issue date as the Crown Jewels issue.

Booklet 8 - 15 September 2011 -
Olympics/Paralympics Booklet 6.  Same issue date as the House of Hanover issue.

Booklets 9/10 - 8 November 2011 - Christmas 1st & 2nd class.

The Genius of Gerry Anderson: Thunderbirds - 11 January 2011

  booklet of 6 x 1st class self-adhesive stamps inc 2 x Thunderbirds stamps.

Although printed in 2010 this booklet contains Machin definitives with security year code M11L.

This is a scan of the actual booklet.  We understand that cylinder numbers read vertically at right.

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Postmarks for this booklet are shown
on the page for the stamp set
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British Heart Foundation - 24 February 2011

British Heart Foundation retail booklet.

Cylinder numbers on this also read vertically as shown.

Postmark illustrated with hearts.Postmark illustrated with cupid and hearts. Postmark illustrated with hearts.

Ref M12054 Heartland's Place, Birmingham

Ref W12058 Rosehill, Market Drayton

Ref L12051 Lovedean, Waterlooville
Postmarks for the London Musicals
stamps could be used on this booklet

Thomas The Tank Engine - 14 June 2011

  booklet of 6 x 1st class self-adhesive stamps inc 2 x Thomas the Tank Engine stamps.

Scan of actual booklet.

One postmark is specific to the booklet, other postmarks which may be used for this booklet
will be shown
on the page for the stamp set

Postmark showing steam locomotive.

Olympic/Paralympic booklet 5 - 27 July 2011

Olympics retail booklet 5, Wheelchair Rugby and Paralympic Sailing.

Scan of actual booklet, with security definitives.

The third Olympic/Paralympic set
of 10 stamps will be issued on
the same day and postmarks can be
used for the booklet.
Postmark showing yacht.
Ref M12206 Wemouth Drive, Suttton Coldfield

Classic Locomotives of England - 23 August 2011

Retail booklet with 2 classic locomotives stamps.

Publicity image - shows non-security stamps.
Postmarks for the Crown Jewels
stamps could be used on this booklet

Postmark showing steam locomotive.
Ref M12223
Railway Road, Birmingham
Postmark showing coat of arms of Great Western Railway.

Ref L12219 Swindon

Olympics/Paralympics 6
- 15 September 2011

Olympics/Paralympics retail booklet no 6.

Publicity image - shows non-security stamps, with incorrect spacing.
Postmark showing gymnast.
Ref L12251 Wembley London

Postmarks for the House of Hanover set could be used on this booklet.
Postmark showing gymnast.

Ref M12269 London Road, Birmingham

Postmark showing Union Flag.
Ref L12252 Britannia Street, London WC1

Even when the stamps are produced in a new format (eg self-adhesive) Royal Mail do not regard the booklets as new issues, so there will be no official first day covers or First Day of Issue postmarks, unless they are issued on the same day as the main issue (eg Thunderbirds). 

However a small number of FDCs may be available using the appropriate set covers.

Technical details:
The booklets are usually printed by Walsall Security Print and the stamps are self-adhesive, non-soakable.    (All images are Royal Mail Copyright 2010/11.)  

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11 Classic Children's Television: Gerry Anderson
11 Thunderbirds retail booklet
24 Pictorial Faststamps 2 - Garden Birds 2
1 Classic Railway Locomotives: England
12 Indipex Stamp Exhibition Generic Smilers Sheet
West End Stage Musicals
24 British Heart Foundation Retail Booklet
8 Magical Realms
8 Low-value Machins
22 Worldwide Fund for Nature
29 Machin & Country Definitives
30 50th Ann Jaguar E-type Com.Sheet
12 The Royal Shakespeare Company
21 The Royal Wedding
5 Morris & Company
19 Pictorial Faststamps 3: Water Birds
14 Rev Wm Awdry: Thomas the Tank Engine
27 Olympics & Paralympics III
& Olympic Games retail book

28 Exhibition Generic Smilers Sheet for Phila'nippon 11, Japan
23 The Crown Jewels
9 World's First Scheduled Airmail
14 Arnold Machin Centenary MS
Kings & Queens: House of Hanover
15 Postmark 350th Ann Generic Sheet
Pictorial Faststamps 4: Sea Birds
13 A-Z of the United Kingdom (1)
8 Christmas - 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible

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