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Classic Locomotives of England: Miniature Sheet - 1 February 2011

Following on from the Great British Railways, issued 19 August 2010, this is the first of a series of Miniature Sheets that illustrates steam locomotives in use in each of the home countries. 

The intention is to look at how steam locomotives were used not just on the public railway network but also in the context of industry in such locations as factories, quarries and docks. England will commence the series to be followed by Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Classic Locomotives of England Miniature sheet.
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The stamps in detail.

1st Class – BR Dean Goods Class 2532
A Newbury bound British Rail local service Dean Goods Class locomotive at East Garton photographed in 1951.

60p – Peckett Type R2
This Peckett 1689, named Thor was built in 1925 for the Tunnel Cement company of West Thurrock, Essex. The locomotive spent its entire life at Thurrock – where the photo was taken, and it was scrapped there in March 1965.

88p – L & YR 1093 J4 No 1100
The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Class J4 locomotive photographed here at Liverpool Exchange Station in 1909 is pulling the 2.10 to Hull.

97p – BR WD No 90662
During the Second World War heavy freight ‘Austerity’ locomotives were built for military service.  Before the Normandy Landings, the army had very little use for these locomotives, so they were loaned to the ‘Big Four’ railway companies. After June 1944, ‘Austerity’ locomotives were shipped out to France. Eventually British Rail had 733 of these locomotives.

Technical details:
Working in collaboration with railway expert Professor Colin Divall of the National Railway Museum, Brian Delaney of Delaney Design Consultants, trawled through thousands of photographs to find these contemporary photos of steam locomotives in England.  The sheet is printed by Cartor Security Printing in lithography. Dimensions: 179mm x 74mm, with all over phosphor.  The 41 x 30mm stamps are perf 14.5 x 14.

All stamp and postmark images are copyright 2010/11, Royal Mail.

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Special Postmarks available on the day of this issue will be shown here.   These images may not be to scale.

Official first day postmark showing circular railway track. Official first day of issue postmark showing locomotive speedn gauge. Liverpool, non-pictorial official postmark. Postmark showing three lions of England and railway track. Postmark showing BR WD type steam locomotive.
Ref FD1105 - Official Bureau postmark Ref FD1106 - Liverpool Ref FD1106NP
Liverpool non-pictorial official Postmark
Ref N12019
Locomotives of England, Liverpool
Ref L12020 - Austerity Locomotive, Euston Road, London NW1
London Postmark showing front of steam locomotive. Postmark showing front of steam locomotive. Postmark showing front of steam locomotive. Postmark showing front of steam locomotive. Postmark showing Dean Goods type steam locomotive.
Ref L12022 - Swindon Ref L12023 Sheringham Ref N12034 - Horwich,
Greater Manchester
Ref W12038 - Bristol Ref L12021 - Dean Goods Locomotive, Paddington London W2
postmark showing York Railway Station. Postmark showing logo of Philatelic Traders Society.
Postmark showing steam locomotive.
Postmark showing 'SR' - Southern Railways.
Postmark showing steam locomotive.
Ref N12033 York Station Ref N12035 PTS Vulcan Works Newton-le-Willows Ref M12031
New Street Birmingham
Ref L12026 - Lord Nelson The Most Powerful Locomotive in 1926, Eastleigh Ref L11961
Britain's Great Railways, London
In use 5 November 2010 - 4 November 2011

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This page updated 28 January 2011

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