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Pictorial Faststamps: Birds 4 - 16 September 2011

The fourth set of Faststamps depicting birds will be issued on 16 September, one of three sets to be issued this year.  As before, these will be sold from Post & Go machines at selected Post Offices across the UK and from the Philatelic Bureau at Tallents House. The third set depicts the seabirds that can be found around Britain’s coasts.

Post & Go terminals allow customers to weigh their letters and packets, pay for and print postage labels and stamps without the need to visit the counter. The first Post & Go machine was trialled in The Galleries Post Office® in Bristol in 2007.

The labels can be obtained with 5 different service indicators: 1st class & 1st class Large up to 100gr, Europe up to 20gr, Worldwide up to 10gr and 20gr,  singly or in strips of up to 5 of the same value or various values. Thus there are 30 different value/design combinations in total.   New counter-based machines trialled at Stampex which dispensed strips of either 5 or 6 labels: if any of these are installed in POs by the time these are issued, it may be possible to get more than one version (see details of the trials on the blog.)  

The latest information we have is that the Post & Go machines will not be adapted to dispense 6 labels.  However, all Post & Go machines nationwide have now been adapted to the new font and will dispense Birds Faststamps instead of Machin Head versions, while stocks last.

The first issue can be seen here and further information is provided on our blog.

Pictorial Faststamps - birds 4 - preliminary designs.

Puffin, Gannet, Oystercatcher, Ringed Plover, Cormorant, Arctic Tern
Pre-issue publicity image.

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Technical details:

Designed by Kate Stephens and illustrated by Robert Gilmor the six 56mm x 25mm stamps are printed in gravure by Walsall Security Printers, with two phosphor bars.  The stamps in the pack will have the service indicator and other detail printed in gravure.   All images are by kind permission of Royal Mail, Copyright 2011. This website is copyright Norvic Philatelics 2011.

Puffin Fratercula arctica 
The portly little 26–29cm puffin looks comical and clown-like waddling in and out of its island breeding burrow, but underwater it is a skilled diver, seizing rows of small fish in its huge gaudy bill

Gannet Morus bassanus
With wings spanning almost 2m, 85–97cm long gannets make dramatic dives from the air to seize shoaling fish, their dazzling white bodies arrowing down and hitting the water with resounding splashes.

Oystercatcher Haematopus ostralegus 
This stocky 40–45cm wader rarely takes oysters but eats mussels and cockles. If they are open, it forces its big orange-red bill into the gap between the shell halves; if closed, it smashes its way in.

Ringed Plover Charadrius hiaticula 
With a body shorter than a starling’s, at just 18–20cm, this little wader has a clockwork-like look-run-stop-run action as it finds food at the surface of sand or mud by sight, rather than probing.

Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo 
This big (80–100cm), black, prehistoric-looking seabird often perches on a rock or post, holding out its wings to dry the plumage. It is increasingly common on lakes and rivers far from the sea.

Arctic Tern Sterna paradisaea 
Streamlined and elegant, this beautiful 33–35cm fork-tailed relative of the gulls spots fish while hovering, then often dips down and hovers again to pinpoint its prey before plunging into the water.

Products issued

The labels will be used in Post & Go machines at Post Offices around the country.
A mint set will also be available from Royal Mail's Tallents House Bureau in a pack on an attractive card with details about each of the birds featured together with an illustration of their eggs. All values in the pack are 1st Class with a philatelic branch code of 002011. Design is by The Chase with illustration by Peter Horridge. 

Although Post & Go machines are a Post Office Ltd product, Royal Mail will again produce a First Day Cover and official First Day Postmarks for these.

Special Postmarks
Postmarks available for the day of issue will be shown here

Postmark showing map of British Isles.

Postmark showing birds egg.

Non-pictorial Bristol postmark for Bird Faststamps. Postmark illustrated with a gull or kittiwake. Postmark illustrated with a Puffin.
Ref FD1135
Philatelic Bureau Official Postmark illustrated with a map of the British Isles
Ref FD1136
Bristol official postmark illustrated with a bird's egg
Ref FD1136NP
Bristol official non-pictorial postmark.
Ref L12256
Folkestone, Kent
Ref M12270
Beach Close, Birmingham
Baltasound Postmark showing pair of puffins. Postmark showing a puffin. Stampex first day postmark for Birds 4. Postmark illustrated with Tern. Another postmark showing a puffin.
Ref S7667 Britain's Most Northerly Post Office, Baltasound, Unst, Shetland
(Permanent postmark, rolling date.)
Ref S12272 1986-2011 World Heritage Site, St Kilda, Outer Hebrides Ref L12261 Autumn Stampex Post & Go Birds of Britain IV First Day of Issue, London N1 Ref N12288 Birds of Britain, Seahouses Ref W12290 Birds of Britain, Marloes, Haverfordwest

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