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London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics Definitives - 5 January 2012

To herald the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London Royal Mail will be issuing four distinctive new Definitives. They bear the official Emblems of the Games of the XXX
Olympiad and the XIV Paralympic Games.

The four elements of the Olympic Emblem (outlines of the numerals of 2012) are designed to accommodate different colours and imagery.  The 2012 Paralympic Games Emblem is composed of the same elements as the one for the Olympiad, but features three ‘agitos’ (asymmetrical crescent shapes denoting movement) instead of the Olympic Rings and the words ‘Paralympic Games’ at the bottom right.

Pre-issue publicity images
2012 1st class Olympics definitive  stamp. 2012 1st class Paralympics definitive  stamp.
  2012 20 g airmail Olympics definitive  stamp. 2012 20 g airmail Paralympics definitive  stamp.
Actual 1st class stamp compared with 1st class flame Machin.

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Sheet layout for Olympic and Paralympic definitive stamps.
Sheet Layout.

The layout of the 1st class stamp,
in sheets of 50, is shown at left.
The upper pane has 13 Paralympic and
12 Olympic stamps; the lower pane has

12 Paralympic and 13 Olympic stamps.
The c
ylinder number is on the lower
pane only.  The grid shows 6 positions.

The 20g stamp will be issued in
sheets of 25, but there will be two
versions similar to the 1st class panes
shown here.  Both versions of the 20g
sheet will have cylinder numbers with
the grid showing 12 positions.

The stamps will be available at Post Office Counters from 5 January 2012 through to 30 January 2012, when they will be replaced by the Jubilee Definitive. The Olympic Definitive will be re-introduced at Post Offices on the 27 June 2012 when a Generic Sheet will also be issued.  

6 x 1st class stamp booklets will be issued in two different types. One shows the Key Dates for London 2012, the other includes a quote from Seb Coe who leads the London Organising Committee. The stamp arrangement in the two books is different.

Book of 6 x 1st Olympic/Paralympic definitive stamps.Booklet 2 of 6 x 1st Olympic/Paralympic stamps.

The mock-up images show the stamps in a rather weak orange colour, but these pictures from the media release suggest that the colour will be closer to the 'flame' colour used for earlier 1st class Machin definitives.

Olympic/Paralympic stamp booklet. Production of Olympic/Paralympic stamp booklet.
Checking of Olympic/Paralympic stamp booklet. Olympic/Paralympic stamp booklet showing cylinder numbers.
These pictures show that the booklets are printed in pairs of Booklet 1 & Booklet 2 side-by-side.

 Double-pane Sheet of 50 1st class olympic definitives. Two different sheets of 25 20g Olympic Definitives stamps.
Scan of the double-pane sheet of 50 x 1st class stamps.  Scan of the two sheets of 25 x 20g stamps.

Technical details:
The sheet stamps, designed by Studio Dempsey, are self-adhesive and printed by De La Rue Security Printers in gravure, size 20 x 24mm.  The booklet stamps are printed by Walsall Security Printers.

All stamp and postmark images are copyright 2011/2, Royal Mail, reproduced with permission.

Products available

2 x 1st class, 2 x 20g airmail definitive stamps

2 x 1st class booklets of 6.

First day cover, Presentation Pack, Stamp cards (4).  

Coin Cover, Silver Proof Coin Cover.

In June: Generic Sheet mint

Special Postmarks available on the day of this issue will be shown here; others will be added as they are announced.
These images may not be to scale.


Olympics definitives official first day postmark. Official first day postmark for olympic definitive stamps. Official non-pictorial first day postmark for olympic definitive stamps. Postmark showing athlete and union flag.
Postmark showing Union DFlag.
Ref FD1201 - Official Bureau postmark, showing the London Skyline Ref FD1202 Land's End Penzance, Cornwall official first day of issue postmark Ref FD1202NP Sennen, Penzance, Cornwall, non-pictorial official first day of issue postmark Ref L12371 London W2
(available until 4 Jan 13)
Ref L11998 Sporting Disciplines, London W2
(available until 5 Jan 12)
Postmark showing athletes on podium.
Postmark showing olympic torch.
Postmark showing Big Ben clocktower.
Postmark showing ?starburst?
Postmark showing Westminster Bridge.
Ref L12368 London E15 Ref L12369 London E20
Ref L12367 London SW1
Ref L12370 London E20 Ref M12372, London Road, Birmingham.

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