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Diamond Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II - stamp issue 31 May 2012

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the reign of HM The Queen Elizabeth II.   Following the Diamond Jubilee Miniature Sheet issued on the anniversary of the Accession in February, the main Jubilee stamp issue will be in May. 

The Queen came to the throne on 6 February 1952 and her coronation took place on 2 June 1953. She celebrated her Silver Jubilee (25 years) in 1977 and her Golden Jubilee (50 years) in 2002. The event will be marked by an extended weekend of celebrations over the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th of June. The only other British monarch to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee was Queen Victoria in 1897.

This issue takes a look back over the past 60 years of HM The Queen’s reign using archive photography to show the Queen performing her official duties both at home in the UK and on the world stage.

Set of 8 stamps marking the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
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1st Class – Golden Jubilee 2002 & Trooping the Colour 1967

77p Airmail Europe: First Christmas TV Broadcast 1957 & The Royal Welsh 2007

87p Airmail World 10g: Silver Jubilee Walkabout 1977 & Garter Ceremony 1997

£1.28 Airmail World 20g: United Nations Address 1957 & Commonwealth Games 1982 Brisbane, Australia
Self-adhesive retail book of diamond Jubilee stamps.
Diamond Jubilee Prestige Stamp Book definitive pane. Diamond Jubilee Prestige Stamp Book pane 2.
Diamond Jubilee Prestige Stamp Book pane 3. Diamond Jubilee Prestige Stamp Book pane 4.

Self-adhesive retail book containing 2 x 1st class Golden Jubilee stamps from the above set and 4 x 1st class Diamond Jubilee Machin definitives which should have a new source code of MCND.

Prestige Stamp Book.

These are studio designs but are believed to represent the actual finished product, apart from the background on the Machins.

Pane 1 as shown contains 4 x 1st class Wilding stamps from the Diamond Jubilee MS and 4 x 1st class Machin definitives. These should also have a new source code of MPND.

Pane 1: 4 x 1st Diamond Jubilee Definitives and 4 x 1st Wilding Definitives

Pane 2: 1 x 1st and 1 x 77p Diamond Jubilee Special stamps

Pane 3: 1 x 77p and 1 x £1.28 Diamond Jubilee Special stamps

Pane 4: 1 x 1st Class, 2 x 87p and 1 x £1.28 Diamond Jubilee Special stamps

Although this information and images have been provided recently, the following format was also provided in only April:

Pane 1: 4 x 1st Diamond Jubilee Machins and 4 x 1st Wilding definitive

Pane 2: 2 x 1st Golden Jubilee and 2 x 1st Trooping the Colour

Pane 3: 1 x each 77p and 1 x each 87p Diamond Jubilee stamps

Pane 4: 2 x £1.28 UN Address and 2 x £1.28 Commonwealth Games

The stamps in detail

1st Class – Golden Jubilee 2002
2002 marked the 50th anniversary of HM The Queen’s reign. She is featured at the Golden Jubilee Thanksgiving Service at St Paul’s Cathedral.

1st Class – Trooping the Colour 1967
The Trooping of the Colour celebrates the monarch’s official birthday every June. Queen Elizabeth took the salute on horseback until the retirement of her favourite charger, Burmese in 1986.

77p – First Christmas TV Broadcast 1957
Now a well established element of the UK Christmas celebrations, Queen Elizabeth II was the first UK monarch to embrace the then new technology of television for the traditional Christmas address to the nation.

77p – The Royal Welsh 2007
The Queen is head of the UK’s Armed Forces. She is pictured inspecting the 2nd Battalion Royal Welsh at Tidworth 1 March 2007.

87p – Silver Jubilee Walkabout 1977
The nation celebrated 25 years of the Queen’s reign in 1977. She is featured on one of the many Royal walkabouts taken during the celebrations.

87p – Garter Ceremony 1997
Every June, a procession and service take place at Windsor Castle for the Order of the Garter. Founded by Edward III in 1348, the Order is the senior and oldest British Order of Chivalry and the Queen formally invests new Companions of the Order of the Garter in the Throne Room of Windsor Castle.

£1.28 – United Nations Address 1957
Cementing her position as a world statesperson, The Queen addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1957.

£1.28 – Commonwealth Games 1982
The Queen, as Head of the Commonwealth, is featured at the 1992 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane, Australia.

Technical details:

The stamps are designed by Kate Stephens and printed by De La Rue Security Print in gravure.  Each stamp is 37 x 35mm.  Photographic credits:   Golden Jubilee and Garter Ceremony © Rex Features; Trooping the Colour and First ChristmasTV Broadcast © TopFoto; The Royal Welsh © Tim Graham/Getty Images; Silver Jubilee Walkabout © Corbis Images; United Nations Address © Photoshot; Commonwealth Games © PA Photos.

The prestige stamp book is designed by Russell Warren-Fisher and written by Robert Hardman. The book focuses on the Queen’s key roles – as Head of the Nation, Head of State and Head of the Commonwealth – and highlights key events from the first six decades of her reign, offering a fascinating, authoritative look at one of the world’s most famous monarchs. It is printed by Walsall Security Print.

Product range - we will not be stocking these products except for the Retail booklet and stamps from the Prestige Stamp Book.

Set of 8 stamps         Presentation Pack     First Day Cover     Set of 8 Stamp Cards    Prestige Stamp Book    Retail booklet    Coin Cover   

Special Postmarks available on the day of this issue will be shown here. 

These postmarks cannot be obtained after the date of issue.  These images are not be to scale.

Diamond Jubilee FD Postmark. Diamond Jubilee Windsor FD postmark. Windsor non-pictorial FD postmark.
Windsor postmark with text as shown.
Buckingham Palace postmark.
Ref FD1231
Official Bureau postmark
Ref FD1232
Windsor official first day of issue postmark
Ref FD1232NP
Windsor non-pictorial official first day of issue postmark
Ref L12577 -Windsor Ref L12578
Buckingham Palace, London SW1
Postmark showing E II R cypher.
Postmark with royal coat of arms.
Postmark showing Buckingham Palace.
Postmark showing Buckingham Palace. Postmark showing Windsor Castle.
Ref L12579 Buckingham Palace London SW1
Ref L12580 London
Ref M12402 Jubilee Road, Rednal, Birmingham Ref L4666
Buckingham Palace, London SW
Ref L4680 Windsor Castle
Postmark showing lions and crown.
Postmark with lion and text as below.
Postmark showing crowned E II R cypher.
Postmark with text as below.

Postmark showing Windsor Castle.
Ref L12569 London SW1 (multi-date postmark - date added below design)
Ref L12581 London SW1
Ref L12582 Buckingham Palace Road London SW1 Ref L12583 Windsor Berkshire Ref L12585
Our Diamond Queen, Windsor
Postmark illustrated with a crown.
Postmark showing Royal Yacht Britannia.
Postmark illustrated with a diamond.

Ref L1584 London SW1
S12606 Royal Yacht Britannia, Leith, Edinburgh
Ref N12599
Long may she reign, York

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This page updated 28 May 2012

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